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If you truly want a career and a home where you have a voice, and not just an employee number, we want to talk to you.  When was the last time the business owner asked for your input and really listened and implemented change?

Are you tired of the mediocrity all around you?  If so, we want to talk with you!  We are looking for people that are driven to be highly successful.  People who will thrive in an environment with the newest diagnostic technology, people who will absorb buckets of knowledge attending industry leading conventions.

Isn’t it time to use your skills in a shop that invests in it’s people and community?  At PNW Automotive, we form relationships with our customers and staff that last forever. We believe we do more than just fix cars, we are working to change the way people think of automotive repair.

Does control of your own income with a solid base pay and a pay plan that rewards hard, smart and efficient work sound better than a flat rate pay plan?
Would you love to work in an environment where all of your co-workers felt the same way?  Where everyone works together to fix problems they see, where your entire team comes together to determine what the shop needs for growth instead of someone sitting in an office who doesn’t put hands on vehicles?  A shop where everyone works hard to be better than they were the day before and no one is comfortable being the weakest link

PNW Automotive is a premier facility for repairing and servicing European, Asian, and Domestic vehicles in Clatsop County and we are always looking for phenomenal technicians, service advisors, and support staff.  

Take a moment to browse the gallery below and you'll see some of the team building we've done throughout the past year, from attending some of the nation's leading conventions to a camping trip together.  Come build a family while you advance your career with PNW Automotive.

Tim's grilled dinner
EEprom Class Day 1 Hosted at PNW
Christmas Party 2
The Morning View
Winter Mornings
Team Building Camping Trip
Team Building Fishing
Team Builder Camping Trip
Game Night at the Team Builder
Alignment Training
ATE West
Intern Luncheon
Gilling Team Lunch
Castrol Training
Intern Luncheon 2
Fourth of July Parade
Miss Clatsop County Float
EEprom Class
Chrtistmas Party
Team Breakfast
Scope Training
Christmas Walkway
Castrol Training2
ITTC Training
Tim and Ashley
Vision KC
Morning Visitors
Halloween Potato Boxes
Hands On Tesla Training
The Last Day of Class BIMRS
BIMRS Annual Meeting
Checking out the Tesla from Class
Hands on Tesla Training
Network Nightmares Class
Upper Right Hand Side, PNW!
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