Diagnostic Test for Valves and Pistons

  • 3 hours
  • $80-$200
  • Olney Avenue

Service Description

A common diagnostic tool for the valves and pistons is a compression tester. However, this test won’t specify whether the problem is with the intake or exhaust valve or the piston. The only other real alternative to using a smoke test is to disassemble the engine, which is a much more expensive and time consuming process. For this smoke test, the machine can be connected at the spark plug port. If smoke leaks from the oil filter cap, this would indicate that the leak was in the piston or rings. If the smoke was visible from the intake, it would indicate that the problem was in the intake valve. Smoke coming from the tailpipe would indicate that the issue was the exhaust valve.

Contact Details

  • PNW Automotive Inc, Olney Avenue, Astoria, OR, USA