Are you a Snaab?  We are, infact, one of our loaner cars is a Saab 97X!   If you own a Saab, you know that it is unlike any other car on the road, even another Saab.  Every Saab has it's own fun, luxurious personality and truly needs a technician who understands the mindset behind the engineering.  Did you know the first Saab was designed by 16 aircraft engineers, of which only 2 had drivers licenses!?  Understanding the roots of Saab principals gives a technician a unique ability to create a custom designed maintenance plan to keep your Saab finely tuned, it also reduces troubleshooting time when something goes awry.  You're in good hands with our skilled Master Technician, not only does he have the skills to care for your Saab, but he shares that unique passion.  


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