Bold. Fun. Performance Machine.

Drive a Mini?  You're obviously someone with great taste in cars.  No car offers a better time behind the wheel. Mini owners expect superior handling, maneuverability, comfort and high performance.   Without exceptional technicians with phenomenal attention to detail, your car can't perform to it's optimal ability.  

When you have your service completed at PNW Automotive Inc, you'll receive complimentary Nationwide roadside assistance, a 2yr 24k Nationwide warranty, and a 3yr 36k local warranty.

PNW Automotive wants your experience with us to be exceptional.  When you arrive, you'll be greeted by one of our friendly service advisors, and you'll become a part of our family.  We will go over your concerns and explain how our digital inspection works, how to view photos and videos of your car while while we service it, and show you how to access your repair information anytime, anywhere.